What Does Your Kink Say About You?

That you’re a sexual human being, perhaps?

Meaghan Ward

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw balloon porn and thought to myself for the first time, “Well, I guess there’s something for everyone.”

Balloon porn is exactly what it sounds like, if you’re wondering.

Men and women frolicking around in a room full of balloons, bopping them around each other, sitting on them, putting them between their legs and even breasts, popping them and looking like they’re filled with ecstasy at the sound…

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I didn’t understand it, but who was I to judge?

This was also around the time I learned about furries and their special kink, dressing up as animals and fooling around for their sexual pleasure.

Then, I started reading more and more erotica, and the kinks kept getting stranger.

Did you know there is a thing called Spectrophilia? Glamour describes it as:

a sexual attraction, relationships, or sexual encounters with ghosts who come and have hot sex with them at night.

There’s more Spectrophilia out there than you’d imagine, but there’s even more tentacle sex.

Yes, some women (and men) really, really get off on the idea of being tentacle raped either by an octopus, squid, or otherwise tentacled monster.

And then there are the monsters!

There’s certainly no shortage of shifter porn and erotica out there, along with sexual hunts for Bigfoot, erotic encounters with aliens, and even a whole lot with step-siblings and step-parents.

The point is, whatever your kink is, there is some porn out there for you — and if there’s porn out there for you, it must mean your kink isn’t as taboo as you think it is.

But why are we so afraid to share our kinks?

Without the validation that there are people out there who share our kinks, sometimes sharing them is the scariest thing in the world to do.

I still sometimes cringe at the thought that I shared my love of pee play, for fear of facing judgement like ‘Omg, she’s gross, she likes that?!’

In reality, the outcome of sharing wasn’t a bad thing, and even led me to a new friend on Twitter that I can talk to and share this kink with openly, and that’s made me feel a lot better than just reveling in the fact that if there is THAT MUCH pee porn on the internet, it must be a pretty common kink that no one is talking about but many enjoy.

But, if you don’t have that sort of validation from someone else who shares your kink, you might be feeling pretty lonely, and that may be when you should reach out and find someone to share it with.

I’m not saying you should hook up with the first person you find who shares your kink, but making a FetLife profile and just dipping your toe in the waters to see what’s out there isn’t a bad idea.

You never know if you’ll find someone local who wants to share in adventures with you, and you never will know if you don’t try.

So what does your kink say about you, really?

That you’re a sexual being, is what — nothing more, and nothing less.

That you get turned on by things that some might seem strange, weird, or gross, but to others seem totally hot.

And as I’ve said before and will say again like so many others before me:

Your kink may not be my kink but your kink is okay.

I’m of the mind now that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your kink at all, but embrace it for what it is and what it brings into your life.

Maybe you won’t get to share it with someone the way you really want to, but if you’re lucky you’ll at least accept it as a part of yourself and not be ashamed for what you turns you on.

So get out there and be kinky… and remind yourself that it’s always okay to love your kink even if nobody else you know does.

They don’t have to share in the pleasure…

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