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One of the most successful jet fighters of all time was the North American F-86 Sabre, the scourge of MiG pilots in the Korean War and the first swept wing fighter to fly for America. The day fighter and all weather versions of the aircraft were used in almost all Western countries, remaining in front line service for almost 20 years. Under license, it was built in Canada, Australia, Japan and Italy. The first prototype flew on Oct. 1, 1947 but it had been under development since 1944. The Sabre was an immediate success and went into service in February, 1949. When the Sabres arrived in Korea to meet the MiG threat, the bandits never knew what hit them

. Sabre drivers were proud of their steed and in 1981 formed a "Fighter Jocks" organization called, not surprisingly, the "F-86 Sabre Pilots Association." Membership is limited to those jocks who have flown the F-86 aircraft. All F-86 Wings of the Koran war are heavily represented as are units in CONUS, Europe, Far East, ANG and Reserves.

The current membership exceeds 1000.

We are an international association with members representing 7 countries. Three of our members became Chief of Staff of the Air Force for their respected countries.

It is a 'Jock's Club' so we make no effort to cater to the elite among us. We acknowledge and congratulate them on their achievements but retain the camaraderie shared by airmen. Without a doubt, it is the premier retired fighter pilots organization existing today.

The stated goals of the association are to perpetuate the history of the F-86 Sabre, the units to which she belonged and the pilots who flew her. A second goal is to link old Sabre jocks with their buddies. The third goal is to perpetuate an accurate, patriotic portrayal of our national history and heritage. Numerous projects are conducted to achieve these goals.

Three issues of our magazine, "Sabre Jet Classics" is published each year. We do accept subscriptions from non-members for this magazine, ($25/year).

We have a reunion in Las Vegas approximately every 2 years. About 1,000 people participated in the 1997 reunion. We still know how to throw a party.

Our Leadership

Chairman Emeritus: Dee Harper


J. R. Alley, President
Jerry Johnson, Vice President
Jerry Johnson, Teasurer
Polly Winesett, Director, Computer Data Center
Larry H. Davis, Editor, SabreJet Classics
Bill Weiger, Webmaster


Pat Huges, Chairman
Dan Druen, Director
Jack Seaman, Director
Bob Shawhan, Director
Bob Smith, Director
Dan Walsh, Director

Questions and/or comments regarding the F-86 Pilots Assn., its members, membershiip, or other Asssociation business, should be directed to
JR Alley, President, F-86 Pilots Association
3737 N. Campbell Rd.
Las Vegas NV 89129
Phone: (702) 363-9880
email - alleyoop3@cox.net

Questions and/or comments regarding SabreJet Classics should be directed to
Larry Davis, Editor, SabreJet Classics
6475 Chesham Dr. NE
Canton, OH 44721
Phone: (330) 493-4122 email: - sabreclsx@aol.com

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