The 310th FBS Taxi

by Floyd Montgomery

WHIRLAWAY....... The 310th FBS Taxi by Floyd Montgomery In late 1957, the 310th FBS was having problems getting the pilots from the Operations shack to the flightline at Osan AB, Korea. Between the extremely cold Korean weather, and ongoing fuel supply problems, the 'flightline taxi' had rarely been operational. A young pilot from Texas came up with an idea - "Why not use something a bit more basic and dependable. How about a horse and buggy?

So, on New Years Day 1958, I was sent down the peninsula to 'rent' a pony from a Korean farmer. The men of the 310th FBS built a surrey to greet one of the other squadrons that were returning from a winter gunnery meet in Formosa. It was a fun project for all. And when I returned with the pony, the pilots immediately named it "Whirlaway" Besides the regular taxi run around the squadron area, 'Whirlaway' filled in on any emergency that sprung up transportation-wise. One pilot quipped - "Just think, no flat tires, no cold engines in the morning, and he would always find his way home. The only trouble is that he doesn't speak very good English!" 'Whirlaway' was a permanent fixture at Osan until the squadron was rotated home.

The 58th FBW at Osan AB, was the last USAF fighter unit stationed in Korea. In the Spring of 1958, we ferried all of our F-86Fs to the IRAN facility at Tsuiki, Japan. After the airplanes had gone through IRAN and were all brought up fo the latest F-86F standard, they were turned over to the Republic of Korea Air Force pilots, who were very glad to get them. The men of the 58th Wing, were rotated home. The 310th Squadron became a Matador missile squadron!

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