Project Arrow was an Air Defense Command directive that effectively changed a large number of F-86D squadron designations in August 1955. A squadron would be in place on 17 August at McGuire AFB, only to learn that that unit designation was now on F-86Ds based at Stewart AFB - even though not one pilot or airplane had changed bases. Sabre Jet Classics is now trying decipher all the markings changes that took place because of Project Arrow.

For instance, the 75th FIS was in place at Suffolk County AFB. Their Sabres proudly wore a blue tail band and sharks teeth, with the badge of the 75th FIS on the fuselage. Then on 18 August 1955, the 75th number was assigned to Presque Isle with an F-89 squadron! And in their place at Suffolk County was the 2nd FIS. Question is - did the 2nd FIS simply adopt the old markings of the 75th, i.e. the blue tail band and sharks teeth? If not, what markings did they have on their aircraft?

It happened all over Air Defense Command. The 445th FIS at Geiger Field went to a unit at Wurtsmith, and their F-86Ds now belonged to the 497th FIS at Geiger with similar markings, while the 520th FIS at Geiger was inactivated and became the 498th FIS, and on and on. As a historian, I'm trying to get a handle on what a certain unit's markings were so that I can put the proper airplane photos with the proper squadron of a story appearing in Sabre Jet Classics.

So I need your help. If you have photos and/or color slides of the F-86Ds in your squadron(s), please loan them to the editor so that I can make copies for use in the magazine. I especially need color photos or slides to make certain a squadron is the color it was or is or whatever. And I'd apprciate any dates you might know for your photos or slides. It doesn't have to be exact, a month and year would be great but just a year will help. It's driving me NUTS! HELP!!! Contact your editor Larry Davis at Sabre Jet Classics, 6475 Chesham Dr NE, Canton, OH 44721, ph (330)493-4122, or email with any information you might have.

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