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The 330th Fighter Squadron was activated in July 1942 at Hamilton Field, CA, within the 329th FG. Their mission was to train replacement pilots in P-38 Lightnings. However, they were also a prime part of the West Coast Defense Force, moving from Hamilton Fld to Paine Fld, Wa, before returning to California at Glendale and San Diego, where the squadron was inactivated in March 1944.

The 330th was reactivated at Stewart AFB, NY, on 27 November 1952, flying F-80 Shooting Stars, as part of the 4709th ADW. Under Project ARROW, the 330th was assigned again to the 329th FIG. In 1953, the 330th transitioned into the F-86F, before moving to the air defense mission with F-86Ds in January 1955.

The 330th FIS deployed to Yuma for the Rocket Meet in 1956 and 1958, winning in 1958 and smashing many records in the process. The 330th FIS was inactivated and Stewart AFB was closed on 1 July 1959, soon after transition to the F-86L.

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