by Terence Finn

To Begin Again is an interesting book. Not exactly a combat flying book, although it is set during the Korean War, and the main character is a Sabre pilot, it is a far more personal look into the events that found the main character pulled away from his job as a history professer and put back into the cockpit of an F-86 during war time.

The book traces his life as a squadron CO in Korea and all that that brings about, both good and bad. Historically, the book is quite accurate, whether in the cockpit or catching the news on the ground. The author did a good research job in its creation. But there is a lot of romantics in the book, both between the main character and the two women in his life; or between the main character and the `other woman' that controls his life - the F-86 Sabre and flying.

If you're looking for a strictly `in the cockpit, guns blazing' book about combat in Korea, you probably won't like To Begin Again. But if you want to read a book and remember everything that was going on during Korea, this is a book for you. I reccommend it. LHD.

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