Book Review:

Just Lucky Enough
Black Marble

by: Ross Fisher

Mr. Ross Fisher has written and published two novels which follow an RCAF fighter pilot and a few of his friends through the skies over England and the North Atlantic during World War 2 (just Lucky Enough I, and over Korea (Black Marble ) where the hero serves as an exchange pilot with the 5 lst Fighter Wing.

The author has done extensive research for both of these fascinating novels, and his attention to detail adds a measure of authenticty that is not always found in works by historian-authors. In "Just Lucky Enough" ' we are treated to an inside view of what it was like to fly Hawker Hurncane fighters from merchant ships in the North Atlantic. Fighter pilots of today (and perhaps most fighter pilots from WW2) will shudder to learn that these intrepid pilots were catapult launched from the bow of a ship to intercept Luftwaffe bombers. Upon their return, the Hurricane pilot had to ditch next to his 'mother ship', and hopefully be retrieved from the icy North Atlantic. Our heros return to fight another day, and we accompany them to more normal operations flying Spitfires from land bases. Ross Fisher will make you feel like you were part of the action. In Korea, "Black Marble" takes the principle character from the earlier novel on a variety of adventures mainly involving air to air combat over MiG Alley. Again, Ron Fisher "tells it like it was", and readers who flew in Korea will recognize radio chatter and technical details woven into a thoroughly realistic story of adventure and daily life as seen through the eyes of our RCAF Sabre pilot. There is a surprise bonus to this story, dealing with Korean orphans, which reveals a very human side of our hero (and the author).

Do not expect to find either of these novels in your favorite book store. They're only available through Mr. Fisher at his home address. He can provide you with one or both of the limited edition novels. You'll want to enjoy them both and pan them on to your grandchildren as part of the answer to the eternal question, "What was it like Granddad?"

Ross Fisher
1291 Foxcraft Drive
Aurora, IL 60506-1243
(Each novel - $7.95 + $3.00 s&h)

Review by Lon Walter

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